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January 19, 2010

Welcome to Commercialized… I started this blog to bring attention to the ridiculous world of commercials… I would say 90 percent of the commericials on TV right now are complete crap… and the other 10 percent are tolerable at best… Here I will put my take on commercials and how they factor into the real world..

The first commercials I will discuss is the mecca of shitbombs.  Olive Garden. Does anybody hate this friggin place as much as I do? I’ve only been inisde once in my life  to use the bathroom and I am ashamed to this day… I actually brought it up in confession a few years back that I went there and the italian priest cringed at the thought….. The commercials alone make me want to jump from a high riser at any given moment.. And to be honest I’m offended… Not only as an Italian American but as a human being in general.. When did it become ok to pronounce Italian words like this? I honestly sustain a migrain everytime they pronounce Manicotti or Mozzarella like a four year old was saying it. .. Does anybody actually say to themselves that the food looks good??? Yea maybe if you live in North Dakota. The saddest part about it is that everytime I drive by its packed! If you are an Italian American walking into an Olive Garden you should just beat your self into submission because all hope for life is out the window…. We’ve recently heard that the Italian American society is suing MTV for the Jersey Shore because it’s offensive and stereotypical… What about the Olive Garden???? I think thats more offensive than anything these guidos have ever done… And the commercials always have some over the top dorky white guys with some totally lame comments about the food and their wives and friends… Is it really like that in there? Maybe not in Ny but the Midwest possibly? Do you walk into the restraunt and get transported in to cornball hell?? I mean you’ve got to know your companies integrity is at stake when your commercials cause more heartburn then the food actually does..  Well I guess I’ll just have to keep the tums in hand…

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